Going to College – Not so good for getting rich !!


Going to college is a path to the middle class — not to becoming a millionaire or even a billionaire.

Let us consider the highest level of education completed by the 400 richest Americans (as listed by Forbes) 2012.

This graph shows the highest level of education attained by Forbes 400 wealthiest Americans as listed in 2012.

Surprisingly, 27 of those who make the list of America’s billionaires had a high school degree as their highest degree and had never been to college.



The renowned dropouts include Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Sean Parker.

While it’s true that many of the super rich did go to college, was their education the reason they got so rich?


(Source http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2314669/Harvards-billionaires-Ivy-League-college-leads-world-richest-alumni.html)

Well, to be precise , I wish I would have gone to Harvard — but for the connections, not for the education.

Many people have  no direction on why there are on a B-school campus and no sense of purpose behind the learning, so they leave the university with a degree scroll, student loan and no idea about their future and very few skills.

Successful people don’t value effort or time spent on an activity; they value the results. If college gave you great results, then that’s great. I know many people leave school wondering why they went into massive debt while they are still unable to land a decent job.

If the goal of college is to be financially secure, then it is failing miserably.

The problem is not in education, but the approach.

When you approach an education you must think about skills, not just information or knowledge.

Only 27 percent of college graduates are even working in the field they studied.

One of the reasons you should study is to gain skills.

The only things you can use every day to bring more value to the marketplace are your skills.

We live in an age when knowledge and information is available everywhere, so what’s missing? Skills!

We need more skilled people, not more educated people. We need motivated workers — and motivation comes from having skills.

So its high time you start focussing not just on the degree at large bu rather on the specific skills!!