7 Key Trends to watch out for in 2018


In January of each year, salespersons use the “Happy New Year” wish profusely to their advantage.

It often gives one a pretext to re-connect with dormant clients and also convey the concomitant sales pitch.

So important in the recruitment industry, which is so highly relationship based as there is little difference in the perceived value of the service offering.

Defying the conventional wisdom of distrubuting “greeting cards, calendars and diaries”, we at cajobportal.com, decided that we will continue to stick to our approach of delivering one thought provoking piece each week

This time, its on the trends that one could look forward to in 2018

1) Its a booming stock market with Nifty having already kissed 10,500. moneycontrol.com in the app mode or the “minimise mode” on the laptop has become the common phenomenon for employees in most companies. Others are happily SIPing away their savings. So, lets see if the bulls will continue to beat the bears

2) Domestic politics in India centered around the 8 states that go to elections. And International Politics be it Kim Jong Un and his nuclear bomb, Putin’s intentions,Brexit negotiations coming to a close and Trump’s mid term in Nov’18 (referendum on him, his achievements, his ability to govern and the scandals engulfing him). We will need to see how this expedites or paralyses decision making

3) The coming of age for electric vehicles – from “laughing stock in the mid-1980” to redefining mobility. Beyond the hype, will they be able to pass the “Unit Economics” and Durability test

4) Climate change and geoengineering – scientists spraying chemicals into the stratosphere help counteract global warming. We will all the more see pure water and quality of air becoming crucial issues, say in Delhi NCR

5) The next wave of Cyber attacks, and what’s being done to get ahead of the people behind them. Last year, we had witnessed outages of m,assive proportions and lets see who wins in the ‘company Vs criminal’ battle this year

6) Technology and what it means in People Management practice. 2018 could see Facial Recognition technology being accessible easily.

Would that mean

a) Biometric attendance through Face Recognition.

b) People Analytics marching ahead “with a vengeance”

c) HRs getting tuned to the Bots taking over transactional work

d) Hiring turning into a Science and

e) The ‘Gig Economy’ Redefining the Workplace

There are many more of such disruptions that we could witness in the year ahead

7) How companies would offer more than just CTC to attract and retain talent. This could mean them working on helping employees mitigate stress, incorporating financial and mental health into their regular wellness programs, offer more ground level impact on the cliched and overused term “Employee Engagement” and more

What do you think?

Would love your thoughts on this

And btw Wish you a Happy New Year 2018 :). May God fill each day of yours with happiness for your near and dear ones