A hero can be anyone !!

Towards the end of the movie ‘The Dark Knight’ , in the midst of the  climax,Batman gives his friend and crime-fighting partner, James Gordon, a very simple example of what defines a hero.
A hero can be anyone. 
Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boy’s shoulders to let him know that the world hadn’t ended.
As it turns out, wearing a cape and cowl has little to do with the act of becoming a hero
I still vividly remember that Sunday in May’05 when I had my Chartered Accountancy Intermediate i.e. Level 2 exams the next morning.  As it happens with any student, there are butterflies in the stomach and the ghosts of self-doubts looming all over.
Should I take the exams or drop a term to prepare better the next time.
I approached my Uncle to take the final decision for me. He smiled and told me in a re-assuring manner that since you have already filled the form, why not take the plunge. He said “think you wll do well. Why not try”
I went on to secure All India Rank 25 in that exam.
And needless to say, the entire credit for my taking the exams goes to that reassuring smile and that expression of faith by Uncle
The point I am trying to make is that we have heroes in our lives, some within close family, others strangers.
Some whose contribution is acknowledged, others who remain unsung heroes.
They maybe the receptionist who greets you with a smile, the chaiwala outside your workplace who signal for a special tea when he sees you, the sweeper who stops on seeing you to resumes work after you’ve crossed and the stranger who helps you kick-start your scooter during cold winter mornings.
Irrespective of their personal issues, they are always there for there. Just like the  man as depicted in this Thai Life Insurance ad
Maybe its time we step back and make an effort to reciprocate their actions. Better still, if we can be a hero for someone else. You never know how far-reaching will be the impact of your little gestures on someone’s life
Yes, as Batman rightly said, A hero can be anyone.