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Imagine, that at the age of 31,  you are the head of high-yield bond trading for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

You draw a salary of 1 million pounds p.a.

And then you get suspended following allegations that you stole sandwiches from the office canteen

The story of Paras Shah working at Citibank’s European headquarters in Canary Wharf, London was all over the news

In 2014, BlackRock director Jonathan Paul Burrows was banned from working in the financial services industry after he was caught regularly avoiding buying a train ticket on his commute to London.

The claims surrounding Mr Shah have emerged years after another banker who worked at Citigroup lost his job after spending two years commuting to work using a photocopy of a train season ticket. A London-based investor with two country mansions and a £1m salary was unmasked around the same time after he avoided paying £43,000 in train tickets.

How is it that such high profile individuals take such a massive risks in their lives

Could it be kleptomania? It has always been a mystery why super-rich people often shop-lift. This is not typically about risk-taking – it’s not done just for the thrill of it.

According to a 2017 American Express OPEN survey, about 18 percent of Americans admit that they’ve stolen a coworker’s lunch. That’s nearly one in five workers—and we thought that psychopathy was fairly rare.

Are these often , part of a larger conspiracy at play, to remove them from the system? You know, Corporate Politics . So often do browsing history of employees become the official pretext for their dismissal when there are larger issues at play

What makes someone more likely to steal and feel justified in doing so?

Is it simply a weak value system at play? You often find senior executives taking their family out for dinner and booking the same company account.

And what can organisations do to improve the same? Can you sensitise people that If they’re going to steal, make sure they’re ready to take the heat.

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