[CAJobPortal Insights] An Ode to Bosses

Good Evening

Wednesday, 16th October 2019 was celebrated worldwide as the Boss’ Day.

In 1958,Patricia, a secretary in an insurance company, thought it would be a good idea to designate Oct. 16 as Boss’ Day, a chance to show appreciation to managers everywhere. At the time, her manager was also her father (Oct. 16 was also her father’s birthday). By 1979 it had grown popular enough that Hallmark Cards issued a Boss’ Day card to honor the holiday.

More often than not, the word “Boss” makes us conjure images of the slave drivers or adversaries with unrealistic expectations of what we can accomplish in a day. Some are of course nasty, they ruin our careers, make us work 24*7 and then deny us our share of visibility and growth in the organisation. That’s why it’s often said that people leave organisations, not bosses.

 Bosses comes in different shades – black, white and grey.

But can we generalise the role?

Some bosses are just amazing. They transform our lives positively. They shield us from the larger undercurrents of organisational politics, they help us hone our skills and ensure that we earn our daily bread with our heads held high.

It’s an interesting debate, but maybe it’s time we realise that bosses are people too, and while they may be in a position of greater power, they also have greater responsibility, and their efforts are what gives employees continuing work.

And bosses have bosses too J  so they have their own share of Boss driven joy/woes.

What do you think?


This Saturday Anurag hosted a Career Conversation with Mr Indranil Chakraborty, an ex Unilever marketing honcho and currently running his entrepreneurial venture-Storyworks. One of his advice to youngsters while choosing jobs was “Don’t go by the halo surrounding the organisation or the role. Try, if possible, to sense on who would be your boss. That will be the single most influencing factor of your career success there”  https://youtu.be/0r4bzdltc70