[cajobportal Insights] Best among Failed Candidates

This debate refuses to die down. Politicians of all shades have kept the fire of reservation and quota burning.
Last week, I judged a debate competition at debate at X-Confero 2018 by Xavier’s Management Society, St Xaviers College Kolkata

The topic was “This house believes that Income and Merit should be the basis for Reservation”

Sparks flew thick and fast. Issues emerged such as 
a) Preferential marks for girls in the IIMs admission process
b) UPSC 2015 topper Tina Dabi,  daughter to successful parents ( Father – a BSNL officer and a mother – a former IES) , using the SC card to clear the Prelims with her 96.66 score 
(The cut-off for the prelims in 2015 was 107.34 for the general category and 94 for the SC category). 
It is pertinent to note here that the merit list for the Finals was independent of the prelims score but critics state that had she not cleared the prelims, 
c) Affirmative action, or the policy of favouring members of a historically disadvantaged group, practised in Ivy League schools too.
In this context, an interesting dimension that I mentioned in the feedback speech was 
Regularization of promotion by selection of SC/ST candidates through the “Scheme of best among failed candidates”. 

Western Railway organized a written exam for the selection of group B, post of Assistant Commercial Manager on 1/7/2017.
Very interestingly not a single candidate secured the qualifying marks of 70%.
All the candidates who participated in the exams failed
Yet the Western Railway considered two candidates for the job.
In a letter dated 29/9/2017, the Western Railway has recommended names of two ST candidates, who secured 20% marks in the exams under the scheme of “Best Among Failed Candidates” against the vacancy reserved for ST candidates in terms of Railway board’s letter no. 88-E (SCT) 1/23/1 dated 8.5.89, no 2013-E(SCT) 1/25/9 Dt 5/11/2013  (attached)
And that probably explains the sheer scale of inefficiency that had gripped the public sector in India
Imagine a Nitish Kumar ( CM- Bihar) who suggested last year that the private sector should also reserve 50% jobs and legally enforced 50% reservation in jobs outsourced to the private sector by the state govt
Is reservation worth it?
Imagine an appraisal cycle in a private sector that gives promotion to a “Best amongst failed candidates”
What do you think?