[CAJobPortal Insights] Diwali 2019

Good Afternoon

It is that time of the year, when Indians in the job world, return home for Diwali. The bragging point of discussion becomes the airfare that you paid.

Also flights, say from Mumbai to Kolkata during this week, are like alumni association reunions. You meet batch mates and juniors from school and college, ex colleagues at work et al.  And then, cajole strangers to exchange seats so that you can exchange nostalgia, to your heart’s content, for the next 3 hours

Bringing the discussion back to office, this time, how differently have you celebrated Diwali?

In the ever changing times that we are in, would the following pass muster?

  1. asking employees to wear ethnic,
  2. conducting rangoli competition
  3. light lamping ceremonies
  4. distributing motichoor/kaju barfi/ladoos/dry fruits

In contrast, last year, Surat-based diamond merchant Savji Dholakia of Hari Krishna Exporters, gifted cars to 600 employees as Diwali gift – 400 out of these were Renault Kwids. Also, 1,600 diamond polishers, there was an option between a Maruti Suzuki Alto and Maruti Suzuki Celerio cars, or FDs, and flats.

So, for the ones who missed the appraisal bus, maybe you could think of a Diwali bonus.

Of course, we can’t be that lavish. And materialistic gifts have their own limitations – such memories fade

Are there more everlasting ways to celebrate Diwali?

Would there be ways where you could create consciousness towards avoiding unhealthy indulgence, this Diwali and move towards responsible celebration. There could be healthy cooking workshops and recipe contests for employees.

Would there be ways where you could encourage people with thawed relations, to restart talking; employees to meaningfully engage with each other instead of just sending Happy Diwali GIFs on whatsapp on the office group?

One of the companies distributed herbal tablets to its employees to help them maintain healthy lungs and eases breathing as the crackers dominate the air

Could you organise tree planting in the week after Diwali?

Could you facilitate exhibition space for NGOs selling their handicrafts at your office, for a week?

Could you ask employees to ‘Light up a Smile’?

This time, we at CAJobPortal.com could light up smiles on the faces of youngsters,

  • Facilitating CA freshers transitioning into Valuation & Deal Advisory roles even after n attempts
  • Making special recommendations and getting the ‘less preferred’ second attempt CAs into marquee FMCG companies
  • Helping experienced employees in companies facing turmoil get alternative employment opportunities
  • Getting students get Industrial Training and
  • Helping women seeking to reboot their careers with ‘work from home’ options.

And I guess through these, we also made life easier for our clients – the ones who give us our daily bread J

From the entire team at CAJobPortal.com, we wish you an amazing and memory creating Diwali 2019. I hope you have a great one!!