[ CAJobPortal Insights] Does your company also have a Jyotiraditya Scindia?

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Jyotiraditya Scindia is every employee working in a company were he thinks he can’t fulfil his potential.
The only difference is that the HR Department of political parties ensures that on-boarding is supersmooth and notice period is waived off.
Unhappy employees are found in every workplace and it is a continuous challenge to identify them and address their issues. The disgruntled employee is one of the top worries for every business leader, but dealing with them is still much of an art and very less science.
Take the case of Jyotiraditya Scindia, who quit the Congress after 18 years. A loyal employee, who also played opportunistic. At least he wasn’t ‘deadwood’ that he would continue to be systematic side-lined and yet remain.
But aren’t the reasons for his quitting, typical of the normal disgruntled employee.
Unclear Growth Path
Those who express dissatisfaction with their growth path are the ones most likely to resign.
In Dec 2018, he wanted to be one of the youngest Chief Ministers of Madhya Pradesh but the 72 year old Kamal Nath triumphed and outsmarted him to power.
This was ~30 years after his father, late Madhavrao Scindia, was denied the CM post, losing out to Motilal Vora.
Lack of Recognition
Sometimes when it comes to appraisals and promotions, the doer misses the bus
The promise before the MP assembly election, by Rahul Gandhi himself, was that he would be under consideration for CM post. Despite his significant contribution to the Congress win, as it turned out, the high command opted for Kamal Nath over Scindia, a move many young leaders in the party privately attributed to Sonia Gandhi’s reluctance to make a young leader CM who might outshine her son and emerge as his challenger.
He then set his eyes on the Pradesh Congress Chief position. But Kamal Nath did not give the seat up and continued to lead the state unit. Scindia, was upset with the Congress leadership with his marginalisation in the affairs of the Madhya Pradesh Congress.
Difficult Projects
Disgruntled employees often are saddled with extremely difficult postings
He was later appointed Congress general secretary in-charge of western Uttar Pradesh — a punishment posting, in bureaucratic terms, as the party has no base there. And owing to this, he lost the family bastion, Guna in LokSabha.
Reporting Manager Issues/ Old Guard Vs New Guard
A lot of employees who quit are unhappy with their reporting manager, stating unclear vision of the manager as the most annoying trait which hindered their growth, followed by favoritism rigidity, and lack of domain knowledge
The Congress High Command was neither willing to accept his demand for a seat in the Rajya Sabha nor see him take over as the PCC president. The headless central Congress and Rahul’s sporadic absence accentuated the problem.
Summing Up
Does your company also have a Jyotiraditya Scindia?
Understanding the signs of a disgruntled employee will help you identify these situations before they become a larger problem.
Act quickly and address the situation with empathy
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