[cajobportal Insights] Dove turned into Hawk, under a new captain of the ship

Your social media timeline must have been inundated with news and views about Surgical Strikes-2
It was the first time in the history of Independent India that we crossed across the border in non-war period . Technically it was “non-military preemptive action” targeting a camp of terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed
Total 3 strikes in 5 years ( 2 in Pakistan, 1 in Myanmar) under Modi Govt.
 India ,a  Dove earlier is now a Hawk ,  now transformed under a new captain of the ship – Modi and emerged as an assertive nation, that is backed by the international community, an Israel of sorts against the PLO backed terrorists
Move a few years down memory lane and now might want to question why this retaliation now and now post 26/11
The news resurfaced that IAF wanted to take Revenge of 26/11 but UPA govt blocked the Surgical Strikes . Fali Homi Major (Retired), who was Air Chief Marshal during the Mumbai terror attacks in 2008, disclosed  that the Indian Air Force was fully prepared to take revenge for the attack, but the then UPA government had not given the permission to the Air Force and The strike was not approved.  An Ex Fighter pilot of Sukhoi, Mohonto Panging said, ” We were about to hit POK camps in Muzzafarrabad after Mumbai attacks in 2008. Finally the Govt did not decide. Our Sukhoi Sqn under my Command was involved.
We had a governance structure that was callous. R R Patil, the then Mahashtra’s Home Minister saying “such incidents happen in big cities and there was no big deal in it.”
The question that we now debate on is that what has changed between then and now, underlying military equipment and people being the same.
It clearly is the captain of the ship
Sometimes organisations also fall prey to inertia – paralysis of action, level of competitive intensity that is not in tune with the market forces
Maybe their strategy needs to be MODIfied
What’s your view