[cajobportal Insights] For the job interview, four eyes are indeed better than two

When I was in Class 4, I complained at home that I was unable to see the classroom blackboard properly. Post the check-up, the ophthalmologist told Mom that I had -1.50 power and would have to wear specs. I cried for an entire day. My friends would call me “Chashmish”

Fast forward life 20 years, my husband has had a LASIK treatment to get rid of -7 eye power. But he still wears a zero power spectacle to look intelligent, competent and industrious

A study from 2010 done by the British College of Optometrists found that candidates are more likely to be hired if they wear a pair of glasses to their job interview. Of course, that doesn’t mean your experience and skills will not being taken into account. But a pair of specs resting on your nose also has a big impact.

A recent study in Germany /Netherlands titled “You Can Leave Your Glasses on: Glasses Can Increase Electoral Success” examined the relationship between a political candidate’s electoral success and whether he or she wore glasses, finding that four eyes are, indeed, better than two.

You may argue that it’s now a clichéd belief that wearing glasses bears any links with intelligence and aptitude. But that’s exactly what gives these bespectacled candidates their edge.

Glasses offer an easy, effective, and robust way for politicians’ to change their facial features and increase the probability of electoral success in the West (as long as competence is important)

Maybe, it’s the way films and TV shows have conditioned the human mind that ways. The smart, nerdy character in movies often wears glasses. Over time, perhaps society has picked up on this and, as a result, people think more highly of those who wear glasses.

The glasses do the hard work, making others read us as smart, dependable, capable, industrious and successful.

Yes, glasses do have negative associations as well, making people appear less dominant and attractive as well as older and weaker.

But the study states that when the role you’re applying for most heavily rewards intelligence or competence, glasses can be a useful addition.

At least, for sure, it can’t hurt to wear glasses to your interview. Probably, you will be smarter and more confident so you can perform better.

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