[cajobportal Insights] Kohli is half the captain without MS Dhoni.

Kohli is half the captain without MS Dhoni.

In International cricket, Virat Kohli as captain, has led India to wins in 49 out of 68 ODIs, including historic ODI series in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

However, the twin events have potentially exposed his weakness as a standalone captain.

  1. India’s 2-3 loss to Australia after leading 2-0 once MS Dhoni (MSD) was rested and
  2. Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)’s dismal performance under Virat Kohli, this IPL season,

We now wonder whether Kohli as a captain without MSD is really worth the hype and hoopla

Let’s analyse

After a decade as captain, MSD handed over the ODI captaincy baton to Kohli in the year 2017

He was no longer in charge. Or was he not? MSD still seems to play the role of passive captain on the field.

In all the ODI conquests, Kohli had MSD for constant guidance. Whenever Kohli needed advice, MSD’s calm head came to his rescue. A skipper does listen to his experienced players but in this case there was no doubt who was calling the shots, even when Kohli had to decide whether to appeal under the Decision Review System (DRS)

There was a marked difference in the captaincy without Dhoni playing.

After India decided to rest Dhoni, India lost the ODI series 2-3 after leading 2-0 initially

If we analyse the 4th ODI, when the Aussies chased the target of 359, there emerged glaring gaps in the captaincy. Field setting was not right, catches were dropped & Virat was surely missing MSD in the field.  Maybe MSD could have given him mantras to stop Turner.

To quote the veteran Bishan Singh Bedi , Kohli is half the captain without MS Dhoni.

In IPL, Kohli is without MSD and is performing pathetically

So it is like as long as Kohli has MS Dhoni and match winners in the current team like Rohit Sharma or Rahane, he can manage, but left alone, it’s just one man shouting MCBC and running around like a maniac pumping fists.

The larger question is that what if an organisation has a leader who is over dependent on someone else. What are the systemic risks if there is a ‘behind the cover’ guy who is actually calling the shots and the leader is just the front face? Without him/her, your leader is literally paralyzed. Is that a healthy situation?

What do you think?