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Got this motivational lesson from a recent episode on Kapil Sharma Show


Arun Govil, who played the character Ram, told that he had previously worked with Mr. Ramanand Sagar!!

When he came to know that that Mr. Sagar was going to produce the Ramayana series, he felt that he should play the role of Ram.

I have gone to him (Ramanand). I said I want to play the role of Ram. Listening to me, he looked at me and said that it will be fine when the time comes.

‘After this, when the right time came and he took my audition, I was rejected.

After this Ramanand Sagar’s son offered him roles like Lakshman, Bharat etc, convincing him that they were equally good roles; but Arun Govil was adamant that he wanted to play nothing but Shri Ram!!

Arun Govil said, ‘One day I received a call from Mr. Sagar. He asked me – what are you doing?

I said nothing and he called me to meet him, when I went to meet him at his house, he said that our selection committee has decided that we cannot find a Ram like you”.

har mod par insaan ki nahi chalti,

Uski (God) chalti hai

and jab uski chalti hai, kisi ki nahi chalti

हर मोड़ पर इंसान की नही चलती
उसकी जब चलती है, किसी की नही चलती


  1. Sometimes in life we have to self-nominate us for the best things

Like Arun Govil took the lead and went to Ramanand Sagar to tell that he wanted to play the character Ram. Like Dhirubhai Ambani once said that he does not need an invitation to make profits.

  1. We have to be resilient in the face of failure

Initially we might be rejected but that cannot deter us from our goals.

  • Walt Disney got fired from a local newspaper for not being creative enough.
  • JK Rowling lost her secretary job because she spent too much time daydreaming about a preteen wizard.
  • A Baltimore TV producer told Oprah that she was “unfit for television news”

Never settle for anyone but what you desire

Arun Govil could have settled for roles of Lakshman and Bharat; but he said he wanted to play only Ram

  1. When God really wants, we get our dream things

Sometimes talent has to wait for the right time. This happens, everywhere in personal and professional life. But the inflexion point comes and the rest they say is history.

So often, we see in recruitment that a candidate is interviewed and put on hold or told that he/she is not good enough. But then, after some time, the wheels of fortune turn. Our HR clients call me and say that Sonia, we want to roll out an offer to that candidate J

If we put in the context of the current Corona crisis, it’s like if you stick to your core competencies e.g. people management, writing, financial modeling, valuation etc; you never know when destiny will suddenly give you your Hydroxychloroquine moment and the world will be dying to buy your goods/services

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