[cajobportal Insights] performance appraisal for the so called ‘deadwood”

Yesterday we had posted this depiction of employee emotion-cycle on our social media handles

Basically, it showed how everyone organisation has employees who miss the ”appraisal bus”, blame the HR and boss. But driven by frustration, when they apply in job portals, they don’t get calls from recruiters. Then, they start liking their jobs again, waiting for a brighter next appraisal
Now these employees may also be termed as “deadwood” – who don’t have a market value and thus even if they crib, no one takes them seriously. More often than not, these employees spread a lot of toxicity in the air – blaming everyone but themselves.
Nowadays one often wonders that does that HR intervene if an employee has got successive average appraisals and try to figure out whats at the core of the problem.
Is it a bad boss, job-competencies-interest mismatch or sheer laziness – the employee is simply not pulling his/her weight. IMO, its the last case thats the most dangerous from an organisational culture perspective. Can someone tell them that “Hey, I noticed you’ve been staring at your computer all day–I’m free for a bit, anything I can help you out with?”. Or can someone have the guts to adopt the “Transfer, demote, or terminate” strategy.Since one bad apple spoils the barrel.
For the former, can we ask ourselves, as Dr. Deming puts it, “Were they alive when we hired them? Or did we kill them?”
Where did we screw up? Did we hire poorly? Describe the job improperly? Pick the wrong person for the job? Or… Did we give failed workers more to do than they could perform effectively? Train them poorly? Assign them to an ineffective supervisor? Fail to respond to their cries for help? Whatever the answer, an empowering follow-up question is “What kind of systemic changes are we going to make to prevent this problem from recurring?”
What have been your strategy to deal with such employees
Will love to hear