[CAJobPortal Insights] Pick that phone and call them up please

Good Afternoon,

In my 5+ years of the recruitment industry, we have been engaged in a David Vs Goliath battle for vendor empanelment. Notwithstanding the numerous odds against us, we managed to get empanelled at marquee brands and close finance positions worth an aggregate CTC of INR 30 cr.

A lot of people ask me how did you manage to make such inroads and my simple answer is “Make Phone Calls”. Call them up and say that they matter to you. Emails just won’t work.

Nowadays, we have often been too lazy to even call up people on their birthdays. We feel a digital wish will suffice. But remember human beings are innately wired to speak to each other, not just read each other’s messages. Sound registers in the mind in a very different context. There is emotion in the neural connections it forms. I bet you do remember the friends who call you on your birthday but not the ones who posted a birthday wish on your Facebook timeline or sent you a GIF on Whatsapp on that special day. When someone sees you’re actually taking the time to call them, they’re flattered. **Call your Mom. **

Currently in the COVID-19 arena, communication breakdown is the biggest risk in #WorkFromHome setups and its all the more important that we start talking to each other more

In any discussion, people are asking questions, probing, asking follow-up questions. It’s obviously a lot easier to do when you’re over the phone or in person, compared to by email or text.

Talking on the phone brings the bliss of unreviewable, unforwardable, unsearchable speech. If there is some weird goof-up, there’s no record of it. If you misunderstand something, there’s no day-long email chain correcting your error. If there were heated moments, you can’t scroll back up to critique your performance until the heat death of the universe.

There is research by MIT professor Sherry Turkle, who argues that texting and emailing are often useful for quick, logistical, or low-priority communications, but that for more complex matters, spoken conversations can’t be replaced.

Texting can give a false sense of interest.

Sure, I could send you the most enthusiastic text you’ve ever seen, but I could also be completely full of it. And thanks to texting, you’ll never know. But why would I make the effort to call you and do the same? You’re right, I’m not going to. Cell phone math: Phone call = sincerity. Text = who knows.

Texting is a guessing game of “Is he/she mad at me? What did they mean by that punctuation?” I’ve already had a full work day. No thank you.

So please, I beg of you, release your hands from that death grip around your keyboard, pick up the phone, make a call, and have a conversation. I promise, you’ll be okay.