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Good Afternoon

 We sometimes feel like re-designating our team members at CAJobPortal.com as Finance Recruitment Ninjas, as Talent Magnets

 Maybe the spiced up Job Title will motivate them to move to the next orbit of performance in a season where closures just aren’t happening!!

 Well, I am just kidding.

 But this brings me to a pertinent discussion on how companies, in a bid to attract more workers and showcase their company culture, are using fancy job titles for their employees

 Take the case of the bike-on-demand start-up Rapido – that uses the term Captain for its drivers and Flipkart that calls its delivery executives as Wishmasters 🙂

 It’s like calling your Receptionist as Director of First Impressions will energise him/her them.

 ‘Social Birds’, who look after social media, connect people through various campaigns and ‘Community Data Guerrilla’ look after data analytics.

Like calling your Accounts & Finance team members as Director of Bean-Counting / Money Maestros.

Branded job titles can appeal to a section of your prospective applicants, but the flip-side is that they might leave ultra-confused, another section who might think they don’t fit the criteria

 In the digital era, 70% of résumés submitted via online job listings or uploaded to job boards are screened by algorithms looking for keywords. What if the algorithm searching for ‘coding ninja’ rejects a CV with keywords ‘java developer’ and one searching for ‘spreadsheet guru ‘rejects a CV with keywords ‘Excel expertise.’”

 Instead of making the job board attractive, wouldn’t it be better if you actually work on the Employee Value Proposition and address aspects like pay, career progression and work culture. These automatically flow into the talent ecosystem through word-of-mouth and might help you attract talent

 Few people seem to want to do the duties of a rock star if they’re not going to get paid like one.

Do interesting job titles help empower workers, do they convey power to others and communicate a greater influence?

What are your views?

Thanks & Regards!!

Sonia Singal : CA Job Portal


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