[cajobportal Insights] Soft yet assertive

As I was, like everyone else, deeply moved by the news of our beloved former PM’s death, an interesting phrase used to describe his personality left me quite impacted.
A Congress MP once said, marvelling, “Vajpayee is India’s best Congressman.”
 Omar Abdullah in December 2013 commented on the proficiency of the opposition stating “No one in the NDA is of Vajpayee’s stature”.
One of the most remarkable traits of his personality have been his universal appeal, even amongst rival camps. He took opposition as rivals, not enemies
As Supreme Court advocate N.M. Ghatate, who has known Vajpayee for 40 years, says, “He does not mince words where criticism is due, but his criticism does not hurt anyone.”
Vajpayee was soft spoken but assertive as well
And did being Mr Nice lead to any compromise on efficiency?
No, it didnt.
You really dont have to be a champion at conflict to get work done
The list of projects like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, the Pokhran tests, Karguil victory, Golden Quadrilateral, NHAI  and Telecom Revolution are testimony to that
Does that strike a chord ??
In our day-to-day corporate life, we have to respect the right to dissent or disagree, as a part of polemics, and yet engage with the dissenter, within and beyond the political camps,
Yes, there are functional silos, egoistic department heads and yet, the show must go on – so how can the system reward people who are soft yet assertive
What are your views?