[cajobportal Insights] To be or not to be – that is the question

Good Afternoon,

This week, we seek to present a real life case study

I often indulge in little ‘life conversations’ with people I interact with in course of transactions.

One such instance was when I greeted the shopkeeper- Mr Narayan Singh from whom I buy milk every day.

Singh Ji has a flourishing shop on G T Road in Kolkata. He sells tea, sabzi kachori, gulab jamun and milk and rakes in at least a couple of lacs every month

Now this gentleman was in a great fix

His son Rohit has recently completed his 4 year engineering in Computer Science from a nondescript Tier-3 engineering college in Kolkata.

You know these colleges, right? They have mushroomed all over the country and are a farce in the name of education.

But students, consistently keep falling into their trap. And so did his son

Now, there were hardly any companies for campus placement.

Singhi Ji is ok with that. He wants the son to take over the shop. It earns good money for him.

But the son- Rohit is having ego problems.

He is now technically a B.Tech. The son now feels it awkward to manage the shop

But there is no taker for him in the job market

And youngsters feels that corporate job have a lot of a glitz and glamour

And this case would be representative of a dilemma millions of youngsters would be facing each year.  They are getting educational degrees which dont fetch them the so-called” glamorous jobs in the corporate world, where they can apply the acquired skill-sets.

And the degree , however, makes them resistant to join the “devoid of glamour” family business

What would be your advice?