[CAJobPortal Insights] Transitioning into 2020

Good Afternoon,

As 2019 draws to a close, from a recruiting standpoint, we reflect on the year that went by (as that’s our ‘bread and butter’ activity at CAJobPortal.com) and find that in spite of the abundance of online marketplaces and resume databases; companies continue to face challenges in finding the candidate who fits the bill, be it at the level of a CA Industrial Trainee or a CFO. If we find such candidates, there is budget vs expectation mismatch on the compensation front or the candidate eventually secures a counter offer from the existing employer or from another, while serving the notice period.  Net Net, there are so many if’s and but’s surrounding the process.

We continue to face talent shortages and skills gaps, with the job market remaining as competitive as ever. We need to give people a reason to work for us.

In demand are super-recruiters — part sourcer, part marketer and part technologist, who embrace the power of data, and use it to forge strategic decisions based on the reach of automation and the depth of analysis

Is technology the answer? Cloud, AI and automation continue to be enigmatic terms for most. There is a promise that they will super charge our capabilities but we are not exactly sure of the how!

A key question is whether human instinct or a pre-employment assessment system will be our guiding beacon? We realise that people are very good at identifying specs for a position and extracting information from the candidates, but not so good at interpreting the results. A study by HBR shows that a simple equation outperforms human decisions by at least 25%. This is valid for any situation with a large number of candidates – no matter if the job is on the front line, middle management, or in the C-suite. This doesn’t mean that you should completely remove the human judgment from the equation. A great way to make the best decisions would be to use exclusively the assessment systems in order to narrow down the number of possible candidates to only a few before you involve any human judgment.

That is why we at CAJobPortal.com, have made strategic tie-ups with AI based Testing companies and now offer a host of functional skill set based tests for finance that can be customised to suit your requirements.

We now need to think out of the box to create deeper talent pools. To mine the same, we’ll need a digital rolodex with a farther reach — to former employees who may wind up boomerang hires, job candidates who show promise but made didn’t make the initial cut, and talent with the soft skills we need to pay attention to, like dependability, strong communication skills, organization, adaptability and leadership, even if their experience didn’t match the JD.

To keep a great target hooked on the process, you need to provide a standout experience. Come 2020, make sure your culture holds up to scrutiny, clarifies expectations at the interview stage and embraces employee goals/expectations from a new employer and addresses existing pain points , which make him/her want to shift in the first place.

We need to keep our North Star; the who, what, when, where, why and how of creating a phenomenal workforce is all about people.

2020 earmarks a new decade and undoubtedly it’s going to surprise us. But let’s aim for good surprises — and that includes making our own employees happy.

CAJobPortal.com will be more than happy to partner with you on this journey, especially when it comes to our domain expertise i.e. CA, CS, CMA and MBA (Finance)

Have a great New Year celebration. See you in 2020