[CAJobPortal Insights] Want Promotion ? Smoke with your boss

Good Afternoon,

Remember the episode in FRIENDS when Rachel feels that she will miss out on a promotion because of this other colleague who went on smoke breaks with their manager? There might be a grain of truth in it after all.

There is a research conducted by Zoe Cullen of Harvard Business School and Ricardo Perez-Truglia of the UCLA Anderson School of Management, that has come up with something that really strikes the eye

It says that “Male smokers who smoke with male managers are promoted faster than those who do not share this habit with their boss”.

Not sure whether the study establishing higher probability for promotion for a superior-subordinate smoking together has any linkage with gender.  If yes, this might also mean that their women colleagues might get left behind for not possessing the habit.

For sure, people tend to favour protégés who are similar to themselves. And the results of this study are actually often TRUE

However, isn’t this also a disturbing trend to show in terms of organisational behaviour and meritocracy? One can clearly argue that there is a distortion of the level playing field

Can there be mitigants in this regards

The HR discounted the annual appraisal results for specific superior-subordinate relationships where the happiness of smoking together would have created a favourable bias.

So, a rating of “Far Exceeds Expectations” would get moderated to “Exceeds Expectations”.

And where can one draw the line? It’s not just smoking together, it can be even be drinking together, partying together?