[CAJobPortal Insights] Why Saying Goodbye To A Colleague Is Important

Good Afternoon

Last week, one junior served his last day in the startup that he was working in. He was an excellent resource – taking part of crucial portfolios, bosses made all efforts to retain him – matching CTC etc. but eventually he wanted to move on to gain new experiences at a unicorn.
However, still, they gave a touching farewell – cake cutting, speeches by the founders, mementos, team lunch – creating amazing memories for the rest of his lifetime
Made me reflect on my last day in one of the previous organisations that I had worked . I had got no farewell after 2.5 years of dedicated service. It left quite a bad taste in the mouth, isnt it. You feel its a case pf good riddance for them.
Should companies allow employees exit without small informal farewell event, allowing them to leave on a sour note  because of a lack of recognition and become bitter about their employer. Does it damage team morale and reinforce the perception that the company views staff as dispensable commodities
Also a pertinent point, if you were to decide to go for farewells, is whether it be given to all employees, irrespective of tenure and performance. Or should it be for people who served > x years, who have been in the good books of bosses ( else they will have to cook up good things to say during the speech and that becomes quite a situation)
Will farewell be given to employees who are moving to competition, say from a Deloitte to a KPMG
And of course, will volume considerations also creep in – in IT companies, the attrition rates are so high – would there be batch farewells 🙂
What do you think ? Would like to hear from you