[cajobportal Insights] Work from Home

One of my teammates was in Mumbai early this week and tasted the magic of its super-long traffic snarls. Almost missed a flight back to Kolkata getting caught unawares on the Western Expressway
Quite an experience for us, because distances in Kolkata are quite lower and we find it hard to fathom 40 km travel one way, say a Thane to Worli, that people in Mumbai are so used to on a daily basis
Imagine their plight on rainy days. It gets compounded.
Now, a key question which arises is that is it really necessary that employees commute everyday to office
What is the point of having them get their energies sapped by the 2,5 hour travel.
Wont they be more productive if allowed to work from home, at least once or twice a week?
Is it a trust deficit issue?
Do Indian bosses necessarily need to keep an eye on the employees ?
Can work be done only when the boss turns a timekeeper?
The team collaboration meeting can be facilitate so easily these days over a Skype
And also wouldn’t offices save on the infra and tea/coffee costs if a fraction of the employee strength doesn’t come to office. It leads to reduction in office politics as well 🙂
But then is it feasible in the Indian scenario where Work From Home is taken as a a Holiday ?
Is WFH suitable for all sorts of engagements ?
What are your views on this?