[cajobportal Insights] The Gen Y

We, at cajobportal.com, often have detailed career conversations with youngsters. One such conversation with a confused youngster from Mumbai was the trigger for this article.
So, Rohit ( alias) is a bright Chartered Accountant from May 2014 batch.
He started his career with a leading Internal Audit firm in Mumbai – didn’t like the job and so quit in 9 months.
Then then tried his hand at Direct Taxation in a corporate. In 2 years, got fed up filing TDS returns, responding to Income Tax notices under section 139(9).
Saw a new surge of hope in the BFSI sector and joined as a Credit Analyst- Retail Loans at this NBFC major. Was sick of the endless work pressure and long hours.
So moved to this MNC bank, again as a Credit Analyst. But here things are so streamlined that he finds the job boring 🙂
So, Rohit now is super confused. He does not want how to move ahead in his career, He wants something big , wants to grow fast but doesnt know how.
His father, is a commission agent in the booming Mumbai cloth industry and earns a whopping sum of INR 3 lacs p.m. ( all cash). But he doesnt want to join him
Someone suggested CAT and then VC/PE/IB but he doesnt feel he can crack it.
And trust me, he wasn’t faking it. The frustration was real. It was quite a situation.
We live in an era where people are very sure of what they want in the hamburger but not sure of what they want in their lives
So then who do you meet the career aspirations of these Little Emperors
For efficiency, the Frederick Taylor split jobs into elementary slices so that every worker was allocated their own tasks that had to be repeated constantly. The other advantage was that no one was indispensable to the organisation. So jobs became compartmentalized and boring
The Gen S, T, U, V and W i.e. our fathers and forefathers; thought a job and the salary it brought was their driving factor. A lot of them didn’t mind slogging it out of monotonous jobs. They had to have ends meet. They never could cross the Physiological Level of Maslow’s hierarchy in their lives
However, his generation won’t. Because it has got everything it kept its finger on since childhood.
Call them spoilt brats , who’ve been over indulged into, by loving grandparents and parents.
But they are the only option you have as your future CXOs
How would you manage to engage them on the workfront ??