Financial Modeling | Valuation | Udemy | Amazon | Anurag Singal

Hands-on skills in Financial Modelling can be an asset whenever you eye a job in the field of M&A, Project Finance, Valuation, FP&A, Equity Research or Investment Banking

Only those who excel (pun intended) in modeling early on are often the most successful long-term

Anurag Singal, MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, CA and a renowned YouTuber on “Careers in Commerce” has created this course that encapsulates crucial leanings on this topic that he derived from 10+ years in leading MNCs

Have launched a course on Udemy on Financial Modeling & Valuation, encapsulating my learning 10+ years of work ex in Financial Modeling across companies like ITC and Tata Steel

Its power packed 4 hours and gives you a conceptual clarity, enough for an initiation in this field

It takes you brick-by-brick into the process of building a financial model, and covers real life case studies on financial modelling

  1. Introduction
  2. Approach to Financial Modelling
  3. Deep Dive into the Construction Phase
  4. Guidelines for Creating an Effective Financial Model
  5. Scenario Analysis and Sensitivity

6 Financial Modeling—Real Life Illustrations- Facebook IPO, Alibaba IPO, Uber Valuation, Pre Revenue Start-up, Hotel Project Evaluation etc.

Have shared the Excel sheets for those and you have to try developing them independently

Subsequently it’s up to you how to practice the same

You can also read my book on the said topic

The book will help readers dive deep into the vocabulary and the syntax, the art and science of financial modeling and valuation.

Readers will be able to prepare/use existing models more competently, interpret the results and have greater comfort over the integrity and accuracy of the model’s calculations.