{cajobportal Insights} What have been your Hichki Moments ?

Yesterday I watched the movie ‘Hichki’ and the movie took me back to school and reminded me of those life lessons in such a nuanced and beautiful way !

1) Rockets for your hichkis

In the run-up to her movie launch, Rani Mukherjee asked Bollywood celebrities about their ‘Hichki Moments’ (obstacles/hiccups) in life, ranging from sudden loss of parents for Shahrukh Khan to ‘obsessive personality’ for Aamir Khan to Ajay Devgn being told that he is a very ordinary looking guy and not ‘hero material’. But they overcame the phase with aplomb

Have you ever had a ‘hichki’ (obstacle) in your life, that pulls you down and makes you feel defeated? I am sure for most of us the answer is ‘yes’.

The movie showcases that if you fear something, write it down and then make a rocket with that paper and fly it away

2) Serial rejects at interviews to “desperate hire” to “star performer”

After being a serial reject in interviews for 5 years, its dogged determination that keeps the protagonist, Naina Mathur ,to continue to apply. She is suffering from Tourette Syndrome;  a disorder with her making loud involuntary sounds and swinging her head to the side while touching her hand to her chin.

She finally cracks the deal. The elite St Notker’s High School makes a “desperate hire”. She is to be a class teacher for a “notorious” bunch of 9F, a class of 14 slum kids enrolled at and then goes on to retire as Principal from that school

Isn’t this so noteworthy?

In corporate world , often candidates are serial rejects for some reasons, be it poor English skills or not clearing CA exams in first attempt. But as “desperate hires”, a company is somehow forced to recruit them and they go on to create history, defying all odds.

3)  “Good teacher in a bad class” 

One instance when the school Principal acknowledges that Naina Mathur was a “good teacher in a bad class”

In corporate world, we find very good candidates whose report cards get marred due to super difficult projects or over-demanding clients in consulting. Don’t they deserve a special consideration for fighting against all odds

4) There are no bad students. Only bad teachers

The teacher doesnt give up on the students, even though they behave notoriously. She puts herself in their shoes and uncovers the root of the problem / behavior. They are students who come from a slum and have their own sets of woes.

Leadership is often about not giving up on a human being if you spot redeeming qualities beyond their jagged exterior, just like a “kathal”- jackfruit, as is Aatish

5) Can leaders also be held accountable

Naina her fellow teachers– “When a child makes an error, we cut marks for the same. What about when teachers make a mistake? What about those?”

Similarly in corporate life, are bosses ever held responsible for not being able to harness the true potential of their juniors. Any poor appraisals for a boss whose team is unable to perform well or quits prematurely from the company

What are your thoughts on this??

Would love to hear as to what have been your Hichki Moments ??

Thanks & Regards!!

Sonia Singal : cajobportal.com