In defense of being average



All day, every day, we are flooded with the truly extraordinary. The best of the best. The greatest physical feats. The funniest jokes. The most upsetting news.

The 99.999th percentiles are the ones that catch attention in our lives

Come to education and its the IITians, IIM graduates or CA rank-holders which hog the limelight

If it comes to startups, the media highlights just the Flipkarts, Paytms and Olas of the world , notwithstanding the 99% startups which fail

Our lives today are filled with information coming from the extremes of the bell curve, because in the media that’s what gets eyeballs and the eyeballs bring dollars. That’s it.

Yet the vast majority of life continues to reside in the middle.Accept it or not, a majority of us, in spite of our best efforts, have landed up on the middle part of the bell curve.

A lot of people are afraid to accept mediocrity because they believe that if they accept being mediocre, then they’ll never achieve anything, never improve, and that their life doesn’t matter.

Is it normal to be just normal (not extraordinary) on the normal curve ??

Sharing an insightful rendition by Mark Manson on this topic

Trust it helps us accept us as we are while continuing to strive for the best