[cajobportal Insights] Are Internal Job Postings as effective as they ought to be?

Are Internal Job Postings as effective as they ought to be?

We at cajobportal.com are often, approached by young CAs, who have spent 1.5 years into Statutory Audit at a Big 4 and realized that this service line is their calling and want to shift to Indirect Taxation. But they are not eligible for an internal transfer. You see, before they apply for the next Internal Job Postings (IJP), they must meet the multiple restrictive filters of tenure, past PMS rating etc.

Ironically, at the same time, the same firm has floated requisitions to headhunters in the market for their Indirect Tax practice. So eventually, your employee quits to secure ‘better opportunities’ outside! And ironically, to fill the same void, you recruit from the external market! Good for agencies like us J

Dichotomous as it may sound, the internal pool of talent still continues to be grossly under-leveraged

Often IJPs remain a tick in the box for the HR and a ‘black hole’ for employees.  Who knows how your manager will react if he comes to know that you are trying for a role change. Even if you crack the interview, it’s a Herculean task to secure his/her consent. Beset by a ‘territorial mentality’, managers often resist releasing employees to other departments, labelling it as ‘poaching’ and taking it personally as an attack on their fiefdom. Plus you are not sure, if you will get the same compensation hike as in the external market.

But one must remember that the millennial generation, will not think twice before calling it quits, if you can’t align your talent mobility offerings with their career aspirations.

If you identify them ahead of time, you will have saved those many man hours looking for them everywhere. This will also lead to higher employee engagement as also saving the consultant’s fee

Internal mobility is no longer a favor you are extending to employees, it’s a quintessential strategy for retaining talent.


Is IJP effective in your organization?

What are the best HCM practices that you have adopted in this regard?

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