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As part of a 3 member jury, I had gone to evaluate a Case Study competition for a management fest at a premiere college in Kolkata. There were more than a dozen teams in the fray; enthusiastic youngsters pitching their power-point presentations for the coveted prize.

 As we moved to the latter part of the presentations, fatigue set in. Honestly speaking, the ones towards the end did not get the same attention as the first ones.

 Even when you intend to be fair, your tired brain has a hard time being impartial.

 Technically called “Interviewer Fatigue”, this phenomenon is a well documented trait of human behavior. Companies that line up interviews for the entire day tend to run the risk of potentially great candidates, being written off due to the interviewer having been bogged down towards the latter part of the day.

 A study titled “Narrow Bracketing in Judgment” based on more than 9,000 M.B.A. interviews over 10 years seems to corroborate the view that candidates interviewed earlier in the process received a more objective evaluation.

 The earlier ones will receive the best possible interview experience. The interviewers should be wide awake, and ready to give their full attention. Its one’s best bet to succeed, with maximum concentration from both sides. It’s the classic “Primacy Effect”

 The counter to this is that “Recency Bias” will set in and the candidates interviewed first will be forgotten by the time decisions are made at the end of the process. But that’s a discussion for another day

 Do you feel this is a real challenge?

 If yes, how does your company prevent “Interviewer Fatigue”?

 Would love to hear from you on this

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