This Women’s Day, lets celebrate the spirit of our homemakers as well

My spouse Anurag has worn a pink shirt today 🙂

My friends in corporate world narrate that their HR teams have organised a special event for the day – lunch, gift hampers, speeches from top bosses

Amazing, isn’t it

Career women is corporate life feel liberated. And that how we are made to belive by the media. The ET also has a front page headline today – “Economic Empowerment of Women Key”

But what about the stay-at-home women

That day, I was chatting with Suman, a junior Chartered Accountant

I said

Suman, whats your driving force. Why do you take your career so seriously, postponing motherhood etc.

She said

‘ You see,  I am not born for all the household chores ( चूल्हा , चोखा) and raising kids etc . Society does not value you seriously unless you are earning. 50k a month in the bank and the entire perception changes. You get RESPECT only if you earn

And then I asked her – don’t you RESPECT your mom, grand-mom and granny. ??

These were women who have given up a lifetime for your proper upbringing and I understand, you feel that the state in which they are represents one who is OPPRESSED

And Suman, you getting up everyday punching the time-clock, rushing to office through a hostile traffic, succumbing to the demand of a belligerent boss for 45-50 hours a week, spending weekends on MS-Excel sheets, fighting corporate politics etc is LIBERATION

And she was not sure about what to answer

So, this Women’s Day, let us also raise a toast to our ‘stay-at-home moms’, our‘domestic engineers’ and above all our ‘homemakers.’

Rose Kennedy who once said, “I looked on child rearing not only as a work of love and duty but as a profession that demanded the best that I could bring to it.”

Its an art to cultivating the beauty and warmth in family relationships, caring for each member, even the occasional stranger

It takes a great deal to convert a house to a home- a safety net, a trauma care unit, a playground, a school and more. Its a profession of nobility

It would say, its a conscious career choice 

Let’s cherish their contribution as well , this Women’s Day

Womans Day message with miniature pink car carrying a heart cushion