Narayan Vs Narayani Sena






Narayan Vs Narayani Sena

The great thing about retelling/ re-reading stories from the epics is that they offer varied kernels of wisdom depending on what you need at the time.

Before the Mahabharata war, both “Arjuna” & “Duryodhana” went to “Lord Krishna” for His help in the war.

Now as this story goes, Krishna was sleeping in his chamber and Arjuna and Duryodhana both arrive. Arjuna arrives first and takes his position at the feet of Krishna, waiting for him to awake. And Duryodhana waits at the head of the bed. When Krishna awakens, he sees Arjuna first and then Duryodhana. So he offers the right of first choice to Arjuna (a lesson to be noted here about results of humility)

Lord Krishna told Arjuna that he has a choice, either he can take His whole Narayani army or he can choose Him alone and that too with the condition that He won’t raise arms but would just be a charioteer.

Duryodhana thought Arjuna to be a foolish person since he asked for Lord Krishna alone rather than His big army. He is pleased by Arjuna’s choice, and the thought of adding the mighty Narayani Sena to the Kaurava’s ranks, gives him a feeling of great strength.

Both went away happy

And we all know about the events that ensued as to what was a better choice

When given an option to choose between Narayan and Narayani Sena, what would you choose?

Narayani Sena is what-we-have. It refers to the tangible

Narayan refers to skills, expertise and the networks

However, choices which are based on seeing only what is manifest, as in the case of Narayani Sena, often miss something very valuable.

So say between a Career Coach and an immediate Promotion 😊, what would you choose??

The point is simple: Who is more Important, Strategic Thinker and an Army?

In recruitment, I often ask myself, what I am offering my clients –

  1. Narayani Sena -my resume database of, my staff for all the candidate calling and scheduling etc. or
  2. Myself – my experience and advisory services

In case I am offering just the former i.e. (a), tomorrow someone with a larger financial outlay can easily replace me; but if I am offering myself (b), I am attempting to act as the Narayan to my clients. And I reckon that personal touch will be quite irreplaceable