[cajobportal Insights] A national directory for dropouts

We all now that with a dozen new recruitment agencies opening shop every day, the recruitment industry is a “Red Ocean”. Plus recruitment through an ethical vendor is a grudge purchase. And when this vendor’s candidate backs out after the offer stage, the trust is gone for ever. Maybe no new mandates ever

“Sonia, your candidate backed out” is what I hear with tempers running high.

With due apologies, I clearly assert that he isn’t my kid, I wasn’t involved in his upbringing and thus if he behaves unethically, can I really do anything? And what if he was a direct recruit ??

And sometimes, I feel what if we had a national directory where we could post the details of a candidate backed out from job offer.

It would be like a CIBIL check where you could check the past history of a prospect and come to know instantly if he has been a ‘serial killer’ of offers 🙂

The question is would hiring managers and recruiters be willing to share information on a neutral platform i.e. Name, email ID, Date of Offer, Date of Joining, Company, Designation & Unique ID

How would candidates react to it, be it the question of privacy or their genuine concerns over the offer, current employer not releasing them, coming to know about the new company/hiring manager etc etc.

Whats your view on this?

Thanks & Regards!!

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