[CAJobPortal Insights] A Password Can Change Your Life

Like it or hate it, in today’s times, we have been quite attached to our digital devices.

First, lets discuss how the choice of passwords can help one decipher your personality traits 

In 2001, British psychologist Helen Petrie, observed how 1,200 users were creating their passwords. She concluded that our choices are our personality in a nutshell, a sort of “21st century Rorschach test.”

Passwords tap into things that are just below the surface of our consciousness

  1. a)”Family-oriented” 50%+ users who select their own name/nickname, the name of a child, partner or pet, or a birth date.
  2. b)“Fan” category:  One-third of us use the names of athletes, singers, movie stars, fictional characters or sports teams.
  3. c) “Fantasist” category:  11% users who use the likes of “muscleman”, “stud”, “goddess” since they’re fantasizing that they’re greater, hotter, and more attractive than they really are.
  4. d)”Cryptic” genre. 10% users who pick unintelligible passwords, such as JXA157. This is the most security-conscious group. They tend to make the safest choices, but also the least interesting.

Type-A personalities have a proactive approach while selecting passwords. Because they are detail oriented, they will usually have a way of remembering these passwords and frequently reuse the same

Type-B personalities believe that their accounts are not worth the hacker’s time and therefore convince themselves that their bad password habits are acceptable. In fact, 45% think their accounts are not valuable enough to be hacked, and 43% will pick a bad password based upon the fact that it is easy to remember

Now comes the interesting part

And what if the passwords of these devices e.g. your laptop could be positively used by you for “behavioural priming”

Each time you choose a password, it’s the magic string of characters that you will use to respond to the pulsating cursor, to log in, or to unlock your computer screen. For the next 30 days,

You can create a strong password that also primes you to prime your mood for a more positive experience. For instance, try #AMomentOfGratitude#

You can use passwords as auto-suggestions. After my pregnancy, I chose ‘IAmTooFat’ until I reached my ideal weight again, same as the impact a password “QuitSmoking” can have on a habitual smoker.

Passwords include curses and even insults. You might hate your boss and thus type, again and again, ‘fatidiot’. It might seem like nothing, but it feels good.

If you are looking for a new job, a password like “[email protected]!” can be employed and used to remind you to use the new connections, groups and number of resumes sent as a metric to validate your efforts to land a new job

I often used “VendorEmpanelment” as my password during the initial CAJobPortal.com days, when our prime motto in life was to get empaneled at new clients for finance hiring

The password can build up a momentum that motivates you to stay focused on achieving your monthly goals.

It’s a tiny habit that has the power to transform.

Do try it once

What are your thoughts on the same?

Will love to hear

Thanks & Regards!!

Sonia Singal : CA Job Portal