Raising a toast to womanpower, “womanomics” and women of valor!

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Its 8th March and I wanted to write in to you before the ‘Diminishing Marginal Utility’ concept for International Women’s Day (IWD) wishes sets in
Well ,the message that is circulating in Whatsapp today is that initially IWD was planned for 6th March, but got postponed to 8th March as women took 2 days to get ready ; while International Men’s Day (IMD) was also planned, but as usual, they forgot it 🙂
Jokes apart, she is someone who or whom everything is equally important – raising happy productive children, contributing to the world around her and yet pursuing work that is meaningful . She is literally delivering 2 Babies at a Time 
No wonder, the world around is responding in fast gear to respond to her special needs ; people are accepting, supporting, cheering, and going out of the way to do all kinds of adjustments for them.
From enabling mechanisms for seeing more of ‘her’ in  German companies, Norwegian corporate boardrooms, and the Rwanda parliament to technology enabled ‘Work from Home’  for employees (approved by the SBI Board yesterday) to symbolic gestures like ensuring that traffic lights do not have green or red silhouettes only of men ( as decided by Committee for Melbourne)
This women’s day, I want to thank my close circle of people who have accepted me the way I am and offered me the freedom to choose, without judging me.
Happy women’s day to all the women
Let’s raise a glass of vitamin water to womanpower, “womanomics,” and women of valor!
P.S. An unintended offspring of IWD is that thought that every remaining day of the year was men’s day, I stumbled upon IMD, which I confess had escaped my notice for its decade of existence. Its celebrated on November 19  ( falling on a Sunday, this year

Because quite frankly a lot of privilege that She enjoys is not often available to He, let’s raise a roast to men as well!
Happy Women’s Day to all the women and their men.

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