The Ugly Truth

For years, scientific studies concluded that we respond more positively to beautiful people. We like, trust and value them more. They get better jobs, receive higher pay and have an easier time in life.

Evolutionarily speaking, pretty people win i.e. they earn a Beauty Premium all through their careers

The Ugly Truth is now out — people perceived as ‘very unattractive’ earn more than many of their better-looking peers

This is as per a study published in the Journal of Business and Psychology, that researched on the careers of 20,745 Americans through age 16

The earnings of the 2.7% of humanity — those rated “very unattractive” was ~50% higher than the ones who were sort of ugly / just average looking

Maybe its pointing towards a diligence dividend as beautiful people are often more open to experiences and activities outside of work, whereas unattractive people are more likely to be narrowly-focused on their careers.

So, the “unattractive” people were more likely to commit to their job, and devote themselves more to their careers — thus allowing them to climb the professional ladder more effectively

Other core attributes matter — like health, intelligence and the Big Five personality traits (more extraversion, more conscientious, and less neuroticism)

What do you think about the Beauty Premium and the Ugliness Penalty? Have you experienced it in your career?

Or is there more to it than what meets the eye