The desk that has been empty since long

Often we at get client mandates to work on positions that are critical and urgent.
Scratch the surface and you find that position has been open since months. Almost the entire target pool in the market has already been tapped by the company recruiters directly or thru other agencies. And yet no suitor has been able to win the bride’s confidence.
Often that’s when a relatively new setup like ours is given a chance. Sometimes we are able to close such positions , sometimes we also fail !!
As per an study along with the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), ~ 43% of job openings are filled within the first 30 days. Beyond the “tipping point” of 30 days, the remaining ones will likely remain unfilled for three months or more
So, why don’t some positions get closed within the “tipping point” of 30 days
a) Because the skill-sets are in high demand and there is a genuine supply side gap
b) Because there is actually no urgency as of now and we will select only if we get some super guy.
c) The hiring manager does not want the position to be closed. Its a strategic/tactical move to showcase to seniors that he is handicapped by team size and thus, under tremendous pressure – a fit case for justifying his promotion
d) Because the hiring manager is too demanding and has rejected 100+ resumes on some pretext or the other, say candidate A does not exposure to Transfer Pricing, B hasn’t worked on M&A deals, C has skipped jobs too often and D lacks formidable communication skills. And E, who otherwise meets all filters, is costly 🙂
e) Sheer bad luck- Multiple job offers have been rolled out and candidates have backed out at the last moment
The economic cost of unfilled jobs in the U.S., as per a 2014 study, is 160 billion $. And I guess, similar would be numbers for others as well. The staff shortages cause morale reduction and longer working hours i.e. more stress for the existing pool of employees, who in turn eventually get frustrated and  resign, leading the company, to get caught in a vicious loop of attrition
Employer branding takes a dent as the same position remains showcased on the career sites/ job-boards forever. Thus, apprehending a lack of seriousness, good candidates stop applying
Can we do something about this stalemate – can empty desks be filed faster ?
What are your views on this? Would have to hear from the horse’s mouth
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