Let your underdogs surprise the world

This country of 4 million inhabitants, an ”underdog” in the true sense of the word, will battle it out with the ‘big team’ France for glory

This World Cup was a season of upsets

a) Defending champions Germany faltered miserably and exited at the group stage.

b) The Lionel Messi led striking power of the Argentina team fizzled out at the knockout stage.

c) The Cristiano Ronaldo fell to the well-drilled and dogged defensive display of Uruguay.

Croatia is the smallest nation to reach the final since Uruguay did it in 1950.

The Croatian team delivered dazzling performances in the group stages, with wins in all three matches, coupled with the grit and determination to win in dramatic penalty shootouts against Denmark and Russia

it’s not just the players that have made this team eye-catching and therefore contenders to lift the trophy.

A lot of credit is attributed to the manager, Zlatko Dalic

His resume doesnt have the eye-popping bullets

He was hired just nine months ago on an interim basis, despite having no international experience as a coach or player.

He has never coached at even a medium-sized European club, and spent the last eight years in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates with mixed success.

He used to say, ‘Give me a Barcelona or a Real Madrid and I will win titles. He said recently “Nothing was given to me on a plate, unlike some managers in Europe who can be given jobs to manage a big club because of their names as players,

You might as well ask: Who is this guy and how is he coaching in a World Cup final?

But when you see him on the bench, he always looks calm and composed. Body language like that rubs off on players.

The style of play he has implemented – playing with hunger, patience and intent; he has transformed them

Now coming to the lessons we can draw on People Management here, we all know underdogs in our organisation – the unsung workers living in obscurity

Every HR team focusses on the powerful, the influential, the idea-makers, game-changers – the world class leaders; but what about the underdogs

Can a Zlatko Dalic be identified who has a lot of prove to himself as well and thus work wonders by touching their hearts and minds, setting goals, optimizing their strengths and weaknesses, teach them to take risks and yet be calm like the Croatians

David couldn’t slay Goliath with a sword, but with his sling he could be deadly from a distance

“When you are an underdog, you are forced to try things you would have otherwise never attempted.” – Gladwell

Does your organisation want its people to try those things?/

Does your organisation want its people to surprise the world

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