[cajobportal.com] Why technology cannot really revolutionize recruitment

When we started cajobportal.com as India’s first recruitment portal for Chartered Accountants, we wanted it to be just a tech platform. Later we realized that customers were wanting to pay only for outcomes i.e. candidate joining. So we combined the online and offline bit and offered the managed recruitment services , an amalgam of a job portal and a traditional recruitment agency – of course, with domain expertise that has been endorsed by 125+ marquee brands in India
The doomsayers often tell me that social media and Artificial Intelligence are going to be sound the death knell for traditional recruiters.  But our experience speaks otherwise. 
The human element in recruitment is so high that I am really not sure how technology can fill the gaps or how can algorithms make the candidate eventually join
Take the example of AI powered Applicant tacking Systems – of course, they can do a great job sorting through candidates. But they are rule based and thus if a candidates CV is not stuffed with the right keywords or experience is not “run of the mill”, the rules-based system will reject him/her. Consequently, there is an incentive for keyword stuffing, whether or not you have actually done the job. This gets detected at the pre-screening and interview levels. So often,recruiters who type Ctrl F and search for say “Financial Planning” and “Budgeting” in a CV fall into the trap 
Post the offer roll-out stage , the instances of human behaviour that we faced recently were so classic
a) A senior candidate from a languishing sector underwent the multiple rounds of interviews at one of our clients, being clearly told that the salary offered would be half of his existing base. No doubt he was impressive and got the offer, only to suddenly wake up to the reality that his social status would be diminished if salary is reduced – BACKOUT
b) A lady candidate underwent the entire interview process, got the offer and found out during the pre-employment medicals that she was pregnant – BACKOUT
c) A candidate’s resignation wasn’t accepted by existing employer – his salary was matched as per the new offer  – BACKOUT
d) A candidate never really wanted to change. He didnt even resign. He fabricated the resignation email. Kept us waiting and dropped the bombshell on the joining date. He took a Casual Leave on that Monday, went to the new company and evaluated it. Never came back, BACKOUT
e) A candidate’s mother started weeping hysterically when he came to know that he had bagged a job in another city. Emotionally he became helpless. BACKOUT
The story goes on and on. And add to that the virtaul ignomity – “Sonia, your candidate has backed out”as if he/she is my child and I raised him/her with the wrong set of values
I am not sure how robots and algorithms will be able to manage this uncertainty. 
Will they also get frustrated ?  Will they be able to sense that this person is really not meaning what he is really saying?
I am not very sure